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"American federal agents, cops, psychiatrists & their personal judges are paid very well to keep & make innocent people poor & sick!" Knowing full well that financial well being is essential for the health and happiness of people this is a primary target of American 'Psychiatric Abuse Cliques'. The American feds, cops and psychiatrists along with their personal judges are sadistic animals who are experts at destroying the mental health of good people with financial oppression and other abuses. These monsters constantly work on this while adamantly insisting they are decent people themselves who deserve their inappropriately high incomes.  Psychotronic warfare and the poisonous arsenal of psychiatric drugs are used to painfully undermine the normal functioning of the brains of innocent people targeted for psychiatric take-downs by these monsters. Intentional stigmatization with erroneous psychiatric labels with associated deadly blacklists are instituted against victims of psychiatry. Police beatings with false arrests and railroading into the mental hospital concentration camps for more abuses are also part of the gameplan of psychiatric terror campaigns. All along the perpetrators of this madness are paid well while their victims are forced to fight for survival like starving rodents even though they generally are capable of earning a lot of money in their humane areas of expertise!

"Many mainstream American physicians support US government endorsed enslavement, torture & murder by psychiatrists" With the US federal government and states encouraging radiologists, pathologists and other physicians to work with the criminally insane psychiatrists to make up erroneous and very damaging psychiatric cases against activists and poor people among others American health care is in a deep crisis and has been for a long time. Any two licensed physicians, generally a psychiatrist and another physician, routinely briefly testify before psychiatric court judges to force highly destructive psychiatric intervention against innocent men, women and children. These are kangaroo court proceedings legalized in all 50 American states and recognized by the federal government as legitimate. There is no sworn in testimony or juries at these disgraceful court proceedings where incompetent and cruel local judges work alongside the psychiatrists.  Law abiding men, women and children are literally kidnapped to the mental hospital concentration camps by feds and cops with no charges and no rights offered them in preparation for their swift moment in court. The kangaroo courts are generally set up on the premises of the mental hospital concentration camps and are not open to the general public. The testifying physicians are paid well to briefly appear at these sham court proceedings. The mainstream orthodox medical community supports these cases and even fixes them against their own dissident physicians who want more respect for the human rights of people. With the ethics of so many Americans physicians so low nobody can feel secure about receiving quality health care in the USA and everyone’s freedom and lives are at risk 24/7 due to the mass endorsement of the “American Psychiatric Industry of Enslavement, Torture & Death” by the US government endorsed mainstream American medical community! 

Breaking Human Rights News


The Daily Mail has reported a psychiatric nurse who groomed patient to have sex with him on her 16th birthday has been sent to jail for 10 years>>>> Married psychiatric nurse who groomed patient to have sex on her 16th birthday then encouraged her to have abortion is kicked out of profession

Kenneth Castleman, PhD, a Biomedical Engineer has reported on ECT as being a highly profitable destructive endeavor>>>>ECT – Electricity Versus the Brain

Richard Lombardi, M.S. Physics reports that electroshock harms patients>>>  

Warning from a Witness—Electroshock Harms 

Natural Healthcare Tips

Pets help nurture mental health!


Pets such as cats & dogs help alleviate loneliness. Being with a pet also helps to nurture a calming feeling. The responsibility of taking care of a pet gives more meaning to someones life. Playing with your pet & taking your pet for a walk helps with your cardiovascular health & your sense of well being. And so having a pet can help prevent and treat anxiety & depression naturally without drugs & other destructive psychiatric interventions!    

Exercise helps improve your health in body & mind!


There are many health benefits associated with regular exercise including prevention of heart disease & diabetes, improvement of sleep & lowering blood pressure. Brain function is also improved with regular exercise which helps prevent & treat depression! 

Watermelon is good for your brain & may prevent cancer!


Choline, which is found in watermelon, is a very important and versatile nutrient which aids us in sleep, learning, and memory. And the antioxidant lycopene which is found in watermelon may help delay the onset & progression of Alzheimer's disease. The antioxidants in watermelon, including vitamin C,  may also help prevent many types of cancer! 

Fish helps fight depression!


Omega-3 fatty acids from seafood are beneficial to our mental and brain health. People who eat more fish have a lower risk of depression than people who eat less fish.  Omega-3 fatty acids in fish offer promising natural treatments for mood disorders. Fish oil supplementation has been found to be beneficial in the treatment of depression when compared with placebo!   

Walnuts nurture overall good health in body & mind!


Walnuts are the only nuts which contain omega-3 essential fatty acids which help regulate blood pressure & promote heart health. Eating walnuts also improves cognitive functioning & memory. Walnuts also help to manage diabetes, inflammation & metabolic syndrome. Walnuts also have anti-cancer properties!  

Meditation is good for stress!


There are many benefits which people may experience with meditation including a decrease in stress & anxiety, improved self-image with less depression, an increase in attention span, improved learning & memory, better sleep & lower blood pressure. Meditation offers a very good drug free approach to relaxation!

CCHR: What we believe!

Victims of Psychiatry Are Targeted Individuals

 "A Targeted Individual is someone that has been selected by the Deep State (usually FBI or CIA) to unwillingly participate in a government experimental torture program. This program is designed to break down the individual and "neutralize the person," using psychological, physical, and emotional stress. The ultimate goal of this program is to control the entire global population. Political activists, labor unions, and whistle-blowers are some of the main targets. Family and spousal relationships are usually destroyed, as part of this torture." Check this out further at>>> Targeted Justice   

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