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"Unapproved pharmaceutical ingredients have been found in many dietary supplements"


The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has warned that many dietary supplements contain undeclared and unapproved pharmaceutical ingredients. The drug ingredients which are found in these dietary supplements have the potential to cause serious adverse health effects.>>>Read more from JAMA>>>

"The over-prescribing of antibiotics has become a rampant problem"


According to researchers clinicians prescribed antibiotics without an infection associated diagnosis  about 50% of the time and one in five antibiotic prescriptions were given without an in-person visit.  Antibiotics often are prescribed for various symptoms such as a sore throat or cough when they shouldn’t be. >>>Read more from IDSA>>>

"Adding zinc to chocolate, coffee & tea may benefit health"


Zinc can protect against the superoxide which is responsible for oxidative  stress when taken together with a component found in foodstuffs such as  coffee, tea and chocolate. It appears possible that coffee, tea and  chocolate may well become available in future with added zinc.>>>Read more from Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg>>> 

"Heart disease can be set off from just one high fat meal"


According to researchers just one high fat meal can set the stage for heart disease. Scientists have reported that just one high-fat milkshake can rapidly transform our healthy red blood cells into small, spiky cells which wreak havoc inside our blood vessels and help to set the perfect stage for heart disease.>>>Read more from Jagwire News, Augusta University>>> 

"Well being can be improved with photography"


Taking a photo each day and posting it online has complex benefits which support wellbeing. Researchers say this improved wellbeing comes from self-care, community interaction and the potential for reminiscence.>>>Read more from Lancaster University>>> 

""A healthy immune system is important if you're getting a tattoo"


In the United Kingdom a case of an inflammatory myopathy, or chronic muscle inflammation, has been seen in a patient with a compromised immune system who got a tattoo at an unregulated parlour. Patients with compromised immune systems should be aware of the potential risks which are associated with getting a tattoo.>>>Read more from BMJ>>>  

"Your brain health is hurt by sitting too much""


Researchers at UCLA say sitting too much is associated with changes in a section of the brain which is vital for memory. Studies have shown that too much sitting increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes and premature death. UCLA researchers wanted to see how sedentary behavior influences brain health.>>>Read more from EurekAlert>>> 

"Watching too much TV can be deadly"


Watching too much TV could turn out to be  deadly due to the consequences of spending too much time sitting around. The  American Heart Association  has reported there may be an  increased risk for a blood clot in a vein with an increase in time spent  watching TV.

"Caution should be taken with candy imported to the USA"


Nearly everyone enjoys some candy now and  than. However, tooth decay, too many calories, and diabetes are not the only  risk factors associated with eating candy. The University of California San Fransisco has reported that in  California imported candy is at the top of the contaminated food list.