Human Rights Abuse Terror Alerts


"Psychotronic warfare is being used against innocent citizens by the US government & psychiatrists!" The government of the USA and American psychiatrists are terrorists which have been together sadistically manipulating the brains of innocent men, women and children with sophisticated psychotronic warfare to manufacture and nurture unstable states of being which mimic mental illness. This warfare is satellite controlled and therefore invisible. This dehumanization of  the human condition indicates tyrants are and have been in control of the US Department of Justice and other branches of the US government who enjoy praising American greatness worldwide due to the nation's supposed adherence to a sociopolitical system which promotes justice, freedom, democracy and equal opportunity while these powerful entities themselves nevertheless have been working on the creation of one of the most oppressive nation's in world history which does not even respect freedom of thought and emotions, let alone other basic human freedoms. Human rights activists and whistleblowers dealing with federal, police and psychiatric corruption and abuses along with people who could benefit from humane natural mental health care intervention are primary targets of psychotronic warfare. The careers and lives of the targets of psychotronic warfare are intentionally catastrophically ruined with very intelligent, law abiding, emotionally warm and ethical people therefore struggling to exist on the fringes of society with their families instead of enjoying the comforts from the wealth from their endeavors which they have deserved in life. A primary objective of psychotronic warfare has been to railroad it's victims into the deadly psychiatric system to be further tortured and slowly exterminated. Clearly the ultimate goal of the criminally insane terrorists responsible for these abuses has been to create a nation where only cruel robotic like people with no emotional intelligence who share the exact same mindsets with each other take over the entire country!


"Psychiatrists kill patients normal drives with psychotropic drugs for intentional misdiagnoses of schizophrenia & than swing over to intentional misdiagnoses of primary depression & bipolar disorder"! The psychiatrists are diabolically insane sadists who routinely misdiagnose people coping with lives normal stressors with the trendy diagnosis of schizophrenia. The psychotropic drugs used as a mainstay of treatment for this diagnosis lead to dopamine blockade in the brain. Without any scientific evidence to confirm this in people unfortunate to be their patients the psychiatrists are simply making assumptions they have too much dopamine. This neurotransmitter is essential to activate the pleasure and reward system in the brain. When dopamine is depleted there is a lack of motivation and desire to meet the normal challenges of life. Pleasure is also dulled and so people on these drugs suddenly have no interest in healthy things which usually motivate them to move on in life such as consensual sex, swimming, bike riding and eating delicious flood. Many well educated people figure out the psychotropic drugs themselves make them very sick and try to stop them in time to save their relationships, academic careers and jobs. Often their lives have already been catastrophically ruined by the time they stop these drugs and figure out they generally just needed a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and good nutrition along with avoidance of drugs, alcohol and smoking to be mentally healthy. If instead the psychotropic drugs are taken long-term aside from the acute side effects of blackouts and seizures a disorder called irreversible tardive dyskinesia begins to set in, which is permanent neurological damage which mimics Parkinson's Disease. The psychiatrists become defensive and hostile about patients trying to stop their drugs and often take out court orders demanding they be continued. And often the psychiatrists swing their initial erroneous misdiagnoses of schizophrenia over  to major primary depression or bipolar disorder even though the signs and symptoms of these disorders were drug induced and the bodies and minds of people hit with such catastrophic initial misdiagnoses of schizophrenia simply needed time to heal with healthy lifestyles, including regular exercise and good nutrition. Now instead a new round of stigmatization and being poisoned with antidepressants is on the agenda. The antidepressants also have a myriad of very dangerous potential side effects, including suicidal and homicidal ideation and intent. The legalization of the tyrannical quackery of psychiatry across the USA and elsewhere has lead to the fanatic support of such horrible abuses by the feds, cops and judiciary. Essentially this all generally leads to lifetimes of brutal iron curtains of socioeconomic oppression for the victims of psychiatry who can't really be expected to have any quality to their lives or to even live long lives unless they inherit a decent amount of money, are simply given a lot of money by philanthropists or win a lot of money in the lottery! 

"All psychiatric intervention turns out to be torture!" There is a common misconception that only forced psychiatric intervention is torture. However, in view of the heavily funded propaganda campaigns of the psychiatrists which makes it appear that psychiatry has something of great value to offer people in emotional distress, even voluntary psychiatric intervention consistently turns out to be torture. Psychiatry is a destructive discipline and the psychiatrists themselves are professional con artists who simply lie about supposedly having good intentions in dealing with patients. Ultimately it is the psychiatrists themselves who enforce painful stigmatization and associated cruel and deadly blacklists of patients whether or not the intervention is forced. And the powerful arsenal of psychiatric drugs with their myriad of horrible side effects generally ruin careers and lives. The US government and other governments endorse the activities of the psychiatrists which is essentially the same thing as endorsing torture!    

"The psychiatric system in the USA has a goal of making innocent targets worth next to nothing!" The US Psychiatric Abuse Cliques, made up primarily of the feds, cops, psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, and their personal judges, are experts at manufacturing mental illness. Tearing down the inherent worth of hard working, law abiding, emotionally and intellectually bright and creative targets of psychiatric tyranny is a primary goal of the Psychiatric Abuse Cliques as they create painful states of existence for their innocent victims. Intentional stigmatization with a myriad of trendy psychiatric labels such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder and the legalization of directed psychiatric tyranny leads towards the undermining of the assessed value of people unfortunate enough to have seen psychiatrists professionally. This leads to the intentional catastrophic breaking apart of the careers of victims of psychiatry with licensed professionals, well trained and highly talented business people, performing artists and others who have worked hard to make themselves worth a lot of money for their work struggling to find minimum wage part time jobs with no benefits. These decent and talented people along with their families are actually being slowly murdered with such acts of economic warfare against them unless they are from wealthy and generous families who simply give them a lot of money or unless someone else with a great deal of wealth and empathy for such situations simply gives them a lot of money. This cruel undermining of the net value of targets of psychiatric tyranny remains a favored weapon of the Psychiatric Abuse Cliques who insist with filthy lies that it's not their fault mental illness has robbed these people of their intellectual capacity and ability to maintain their value in society. Actually most if not all of the victims of psychiatry could have done very well financially and in all vital realms of their lives if not for the cruel sadistic intervention into their lives by the American Psychiatric Industry of Enslavement, Torture & Death!


"US government & mainstream medical profession are ignorant in dealing with mental health issues!" It is a very dangerous misconception that the most enlightened people in society to deal with mental health issues are overall government agencies and medical doctors. As a matter of fact the US government and mainstream medical profession endorse the dangerous stigmatization of innocent victims of psychiatry by routinely making psychiatric intervention a legal issue even in the absence of criminal misconduct. Some of the brightest and most pleasant people in society are dealt with like outcasts from society and sadistically pushed out of and blacklisted from well paying jobs which they earned and deserve by the US government and the mainstream medical profession while also being routinely badgered by the feds and cops simply because they have seen psychiatrists professionally. In fact one of the quickest ways to end young physicians careers before they ever have a chance to get started is to have them see psychiatrists with clearly false promises psychiatrists are enlightened mental health care providers and will help nurture their career interests. This is pathetic with victims of psychiatry often finding out when it's too late to save lifetimes of hard studying and work that the very professionals they were conned into believing have the most intelligent views in dealing with mental health issues actually have dangerously ignorant and damaging views in dealing with such issues!


 "The United States is a gangster country where innocent people are kidnapped to mental hospital concentration camps" The United States regularly makes a case for its own greatness with filthy lies and distortions of the truth about what's really going on in the country in dealing with human rights. While either criminal or purely ignorant lawmakers make a case for more and more funding for psychiatrists with assertions this is in the best interests of the mental health of the people of the country the fact of the matter is the destructive discipline of psychiatry consistently causes far more harm than good in dealing with the proper and humane prevention, diagnosis and treatment of mental illness. Furthermore, swift civil cases are regularly rigged against targets of psychiatric tyranny in the United States in kangaroo court proceedings with no evidence, no juries and no sworn in testimony in order to make forced painful and deadly psychiatric intervention appear civilized due to this legalization with crooked county judges whom the psychiatrists work alongside. To make matters worse the American feds and cops regularly kidnap innocent and harmless people to the mental hospital concentration camps by tricking them into situations which make them vulnerable for this abuse and by hitting them from behind with injections of drugs which knock them out. This is where victims of the "American Psychiatric Industry of Enslavement, Torture & Death" are prepared for their brief moment in the kangaroo civil psychiatric courts. If people survive this abuse they are thereafter confronted with intentional stigmatization and deadly blacklists by the government which leads to social isolation and horrible lives. And so clearly the United States is a gangster country which steals the lives of innocent people on a daily basis by violating their human rights in such abhorrent manners!      

"The ignorant, arrogant, hostile & destructive attitudes of a Deep State in the USA in dealing with mental healthcare via psychiatry manifests a world on the edge of total destruction!" It is naive to take the position that the horrible problems inherent in the practice of psychiatry in the USA are simply restricted to mental healthcare and therefore do not really have serious implications for the entire society. After all a people and nation are only as good as the brain power which can run them and so having a tragically corrupt, brutal, ignorant, hostile and destructive mental healthcare system centered around the criminally insane psychiatrists reflects a terrorist nation in big trouble as accurately perceived of by the international community and whose extreme nuclear power therefore has the entire world on edge every single moment of the day and evening. A nation which is so hypocritically disturbed that it teaches its students the lessons of history with the teachings of mass exterminations of human beings by such despicable regimes as the Nazis and Khmer Rouge while nevertheless literally torturing and murdering millions upon millions of innocent citizens with psychiatry is a nation on the skids in the eyes of humanity.  The use of painful and deadly psychotronic warfare by a Deep State to help enforce psychiatric tyranny across the USA is criminal. This all implies the USA is capable of anything at any moment which runs counter to all concepts of human decency with the entire world being brought to the edge of total annihilation!    

"Psychiatric intervention causes and exacerbates depression!" The arrogance and cruelty of the psychiatrists themselves coupled with the brutality of their interventions and toxic nature of their drugs causes and exacerbates depression. This is very dangerous with many victims of psychiatric tyranny resolving to commit suicide if they are ever confronted with the possibility of seeing psychiatrists again. Furthermore, this clearly means that the entire medical-legal system in dealing with the highly sensitive issue of possible suicide attempts is all wrong. If someone you care for is suspected of a suicide attempt the only legal expedient way to try to save them is a 911 call which leads to psychiatric intervention. Unless the entire mental health care system is overhauled with alternative treatment options built into 911 emergency calls, and this is not likely in the corrupt system which has lead things in this direction, the only answer to this serious problem is to remain highly supportive of someone you care for in such an emergency setting and work with them on as speedy a release from the hospital as possible. You can than offer help with humane natural mental health care interventions with the assistance of qualified non-psychiatric professionals who have an interest in this area!

"Medical school is highly risky with even free tuition because of psychiatrists!" There has been extensive coverage in the press of a new policy by New York University Medical School to make tuition free for all medical students. It is clearly felt this will make medical school a more desirable consideration for many bright students. However, even with free tuition medical school is a highly risky venture primarily due to the psychiatrists. Years of hard work aimed towards earning a nice living in a supposed honorable profession are often wiped out in a flash by the trash psychiatry staffs at the medical schools. The students are intentionally mislead into believing the psychiatrists will help them with their mental health and therefore also their careers and that they should trust them with their problems. Yet the psychiatrists are quick to stigmatize medical students as being mentally unstable from the first moment they see them professionally just like they do to anyone else they see in society. There is than behind the lines very poor professional advice that the careers of the medical students and young physicians who see them should be cut short to be on the safe side. This is exactly the opposite of what is really needed to nurture good mental health. There should at all times be strong support for the careers of people who see psychiatrists and encouragement to keep moving ahead. Instead the psychiatric intervention generally leads to wasted careers and financial trouble due to similar career problems in other walks of life due to the psychiatric stigmatization. This all often leads to ruined families, friendships and other relationships due to the associated stressors. The only true chance such victims of psychiatry often have for decent lives is if they are from very wealthy and generous families who simply give them money to make up for the devastation of the psychiatrists. So even with free medical school tuition very bright young men and women in medical schools will often find themselves with painful lives because their competitive edge in life is totally wasted by the terrorist psychiatrists who tragically have strong support for their sadistic tyranny from the terrorist US government and other criminal governments worldwide!  

"Torture of psychiatric abuse victims is intensified when they seek justice!" When victims of psychiatric enslavement  and torture seek justice in dealing with the associated severe pain and suffering and ruination of their careers the terrorist US Department of Justice intensifies the torture. The pathetic response by the ignorant and barbaric lawmakers, feds, cops, psychiatrists and their personal judges that the psychiatric intervention was not illegal simply means the US government is a terrorist entity which has decided to accept torture by psychiatrists as being perfectly legal in the country. The conclusion by the United Nations Human Rights Council and other entities that common psychiatric practices are a form of torture helps to clear up this issue. Although it is often assumed this only applies to forced psychiatric treatment, in view of the heavily funded propaganda machine of the psychiatrists aimed at making people think incorrectly that psychiatrists have a mission to help them and that their interventions will not harm them it becomes logical to assume that even consensual psychiatric treatment generally turns out to be torture. The US feds, cops and psychiatrists with support from the lawmakers nevertheless become infuriated with reports of psychiatric torture from victims seeking justice in dealing with psychiatrists and intensify painful electronic torture and deadly blacklists of these people. The bottom line is everyone responsible for this tyranny are sadistic sociopaths who have turned the society upside down as scores of good people struggle with totally wasted and painful lives because of support for the tyrannical quackery of psychiatrists!

"Psychiatry is a tool of sadistic economic oppression!" There are scores of highly qualified law abiding people who should be earning  a lot of money but who are instead struggling on low wages and fighting  to survive on the fringes of society because of psychiatry, not because  of mental illness. Although it is supposedly against the law to  discriminate against these people whether or not they have actually  suffered from any type of mental illness the US feds, cops and  psychiatric court judges help the psychiatrists push them out of the  mainstream of life. Knowing full well that financial freedom is needed  to secure actual freedom and to help nurture mental health these cliques  of brutal psychiatric abusers move as aggressively as possible to ruin  the careers and earning capacity of the targets of their sadistic  assaults. It is claimed by the terrorists responsible for these abuses  that keeping their victims down and out is vital for their mental  conditions or that they simply can't perform their vital work tasks  well, when in fact nurturing career and financial success in these  generally very capable people would nurture mental health. And so we see  that psychiatry is being used as a powerful and deadly tool of sadistic  economic oppression!