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Daily Mail

"Married psychiatric nurse who groomed patient to have sex on her 16th birthday then encouraged her to have abortion is kicked out of profession">>>The Daily Mail has reported a psychiatric nurse who groomed patient to have sex with him on her 16th birthday has been sent to jail for 10 years.


"ECT – Electricity Versus the Brain">>> Kenneth Castleman, PhD, a Biomedical Engineer has reported on ECT as being a highly profitable destructive endeavor. 


"Warning from a Witness—Electroshock Harms">>>Richard Lombardi, M.S. Physics reports that electroshock harms patients. 


"Deceased well known British psychiatrist would have been questioned about rape & child cruelty"

 If  he were alive Dr Kenneth Milner, who died in 1975, would have been   interviewed for rape and child cruelty over claims that a "truth drug" was used to carry out abuse at a hospital. From 1947 to the 1970s Dr Milner ran Aston Hall psychiatric hospital in Derbyshire which former   patients have described as "pure hell". A police report has found 65   children were allegedly drugged to a zombie-like state, stripped and than abused. Police have said there would have been "sufficient  evidence" to pursue a case.>>>Read more from the BBC>>> 

"Psychiatrists don't do much to earn $179,000 a year & more"

In it's psychiatric crime database the Citizens Commission on Human  Rights  has reported psychiatrists don't do much to earn $179,000 and  more. In  fact as the consistently irresponsible and abusive  psychiatrists earn a  fortune their victims who are generally well  educated and nice people  who deserve to earn a nice living generally  must struggle with their  families to survive on the fringes of society  due to intentional  stigmatization by the psychiatrists and government.>>>Read more from CCHR>>> 

"Greater than 50% of antidepressant users suffer withdrawal"

In a survey of 1800 people who were prescribed antidepressants it was   found only a small number  were warned by doctors about the potential   withdrawal or addiction side-effects. Yet  more than 50% experienced   withdrawal effects after coming off the medication and 33% reported   addiction.>>>Read more from RNZ>>>  

"Electroconvulsive therapy is being cited as torture and should be banned"

The CCHR has reported there have been increasing reports of damage and  deaths from electroshock treatment and that it should be banned. The  United Nations committee on Torture and Other Cruel  Inhuman or  Degrading Treatment or Punishment has warned electroshock  without  consent constitutes torture, and yet ECT continues to be given to   involuntary patients without their consent.  Jan Eastgate, who is  president of CCHR International, has said: "Electroshock is  mental  euthanasia, with a long history of being used for torture and  abuse.">>>Read more from Newswire>>> 


"Psychologist Michael Dane Ward serving 98 years to life is sued by the kids he molested"

Michael  Dane Ward, 46,  who is a former Sheriff’s Department psychologist and  who is serving a sentence of 98 years to life in state prison for  molesting two kids in La Cañada Flintridge, is now being sued by the boy  and girl.  The boy was repeatedly tied up and sexually abused by Ward ,  the suit alleges, and Ward took part in “naked wrestling” with the  girl. The suit was filed by the mother of the kids. The boy is presently  13 and his sister is 12.>>>Read more from CCHR>>> 

"Antidepressant use is linked to violence"

The  Citizens Commission on Human Rights International (CCHR) has warned  state and school authorities not to institute mental health screenings.  It has been pointed out that there have been many cases of violence  associated with the use of or withdrawal from antidepressants.>>>Read more from Herald Matters>>>   

"A disregard for human life is shown by psychiatrists when drug side effects are ignored"

The psychiatric charade can not erase the clear death and destruction which has been associated with antidepressant drugs. These drugs have been linked to aggression, suicidal thoughts and behavior and school shootings. Unscientific opinions from the psychiatric propaganda machine  are misleading the public. Non-psychiatric humane treatment for mental illness is needed to avoid making life-long psychiatric patients out of the victims of drugging with these toxic agents.>>>Read more from CCHR UK>>> 

"Psychiatrists get kickbacks for addiction clinic referrals"

Psychiatrists  in the United Kingdom have been getting considerable kickbacks from  private clinics as a reward for referring wealthy patients who are  suffering from addictions. These payments, which are not allowed under  General Medical Council (GMC)  rules, have been blamed for increasing  the cost of private health care. >>>Read more from Daily Mail>>> 

"India fights psychiatric abuses"

Dr. Khazi Muzaffar ul Islam, who is an emergency medical doctor in India with a passion for helping others, has said “If you start taking drugs from a psychiatrist you are in for lifelong pain; if you take real medicine you feel better. Psych drugs just make your brain go to sleep.” Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT)  is another cause of “lifelong pain”.  When a revised Mental Healthcare Act was signed into law in India in 2017 ECT was prohibited on minors. There were also bans on the chaining, seclusion and solitary confinement of patients with mental health issues, while also providing individuals the basic right to decline psychiatric treatment altogether.>>>Read more from CCHR>>>